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1963 Chevrolet Corvettes

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1963 marked the introduction of what would become the grouped together 2nd generation of Corvettes now designated the C2 MYs. This generation covers Corvettes made up until the 1967 MY. Hot Wheels alone has over 250 casting variations of their variously named Split Window '63 and have used more than 10 different casting model names during its current 40 year production run. Some of those other castings names that have been used are -
  • Corvette Split Window
  • '63 Corvette
  • '63 Stingray
  • 1963 Corvette
  • '63 Split Window
  • 63 Split Window Corvette
  • '63 Vette
  • Corvette 1963
  • '63 Chevy Corvette
Most other brands use some variation of the 1963 Chevrolet Corvette or/and Split Window nick name.

So show them to me! Any brand! Any scale!
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One of my favorite Hot Wheels versions is this krackle painted version from 1995. For me each casting version is a unique model in the way the top teal paint layer krackled over the base orange color. You can see both paint colors around the spun metal rivet below.

And while hardly anyone would ever favor the use of an orange tinted window piece - they do nicely compliment the orange body color.

Each has a white interior piece.

This one is fitted with BW - Basic Wheels and has the 2 post chromed plastic base design. Other examples came with 5 spoke wheel sets or 7 spokes. The 5 spoke versions also sometimes have grey plastic bases.

1995 Hot Wheels #282 Krackle Series #3 '63 Split Window BWs
by Milton Fox, on Flickr

1995 Hot Wheels #282 Krackle Series #3 '63 Split Window BWs
by Milton Fox, on Flickr
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A nice set of RWB Brooklins!
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A really decent cating image of this one, too! I havent been able to find one without some type of light reflection!
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