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AQUA XK8 said:
Very nice, and 1:64 scale too. :thumbsup:
Who makes those trucks?
These are Yat Ming Road Signature Pick Up Series. Even though the bases are plastic, Yat Ming has come a long, long way in quality.
In the series, there's the Ford and Studebaker above as well as other year Fords, GMC, and Mack Junior. The Mack pickup appears to have opening doors.
Take a look under http://www.yatming.com/home.html to find the 'stock' and 'Shyne Rods' colour variations. Cool! :wave:

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...these might be a Walmart Canada exclusive..!...part of the Canada/China trade agreement...!..just kidding..... :p been looking at these on the Yatming site as well..Walmart tells me they are in stock....just not put out yet...got to get me some of these....very cool..! :thumbsup:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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