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What Class you running for the Spring Fling

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This is the start for the 13th Annual SPRING FLING April 26th and 27th
Friday the 26th will be track setup starting at 3:30pm and Practice to follow After track set up
Doors Open at 8am on Saturday the 27th for Practice until 10:30am Than Drivers Meeting and rack maintenance With Racing Starting at 11am
We will have on site Food and Drinks

This year the track will be Carpet Offroad with Jumps. The size is going to be roughly 90'X48'
We will have tables and chairs for everybody YOU MUST have a Pit towel
You will also need to bring your own extension cord and power strip.

Stock Classes Rules 17.5 Boosted or 13.5 Blinky We Will Be Teching
Mod Classes You must be able to control the vehicle The Race Officials have the right to take you out of the class
The Traxxas Velineon motor is NOT a Stock motor
Classes are as follows
2wd SC
2wd Buggy
2wd Stadium Truck

Mod Classes
4WD 1/10 Buggy

We are working on doing some online registration and taking Paypal as Payment

We will aslo be doing Door Prizes Like always
And A Raffle where ALL the proceeds Go back to the School So if you have a company or Business and would like to donate a prize no matter How big or small Please LMK Or if you know of a business that would like too

We get ppl from the surrounding states and Canada and All over Michigan


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We are also looking for those that can come and help set up Friday night the 26th
If you can do this it would be really helpful if you help tear down the Saturday before when we do the warm up race since the track will be set up the same way

Thanks again for all the support I hope to be able to keep doing the races for everybody to enjoy

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April Race Dates

Casey, I'm guessing April racing will be the same as last year with 2 race weekends?? And if yes, are all these race dates in the Big Gym across the parking lot at the other part of the School??

3rd Saturday of the month, April 20th.

Spring Fling, Friday & Saturday, April 26 & 27
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