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10th gtp

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why come no one races 10th scale onroad anymore. i mean besides the touring cars. they use to make onroad 10th scales cars kinda like bigger versions of 12th scale onroad. is there reasons why they dont make and run this class much anymore? just curious i think it was the coolest class. thanks
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we tryed 4 cell pan cars with the touring cars on a road course here at our lhs and after we pounded the tc s twice they told us we had to buy new cars so im not raceing now
ok guys i know almost all of us has a leaf blower the wifey wont let you mow without one and we are way way way to lazy to break out a broom so the dusty dirty parking lot excuse is just that takes ten mins tops to blow off the surface and like someone else said a couple or orange soda pops at 88 cents from wally world and you got a race track
1 - 2 of 163 Posts
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