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10th gtp

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why come no one races 10th scale onroad anymore. i mean besides the touring cars. they use to make onroad 10th scales cars kinda like bigger versions of 12th scale onroad. is there reasons why they dont make and run this class much anymore? just curious i think it was the coolest class. thanks
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Hey guys, I have a thread on here about a little somethin called the US Pan Car Championships. Taz and some other pan car experts are advising me on stuff to do. Check it out!
your right Taz. Hey everybody, Sign up for the Pro10 class at the ROAR Nationals. I myself wont be able to go, but I want all of you to represent and tell ROAR that Pro10 is by no means a dead class. Even if you have an old chassis that you havent run in a while, bring it out there!
Cmon Pro10 racers old and new, this class is back on the upswing! I want to see you guys posting here and everywhere about this wonderful class!
Edit: In compliance with this site I have removed the link to my forum.
Hey Taz, how goes progress in gathering enough guys to run at the Nationals in Oregon?
Its good to see pan cars starting to gain in popularity. Im getting ready to buy a RC10L3T with a McLaren body from Ebay. Id also like to get a L2 so I can run with the wide bodies.
Hey guys, if you want another spot to discuss 1/10 GTP racing, you can check out the official US Pan Car Championships race forum ( www.uspancarchamps.com/forum )
Wow! Hey guys, they are getting close (according to another thread, along with those three Taz mentioned there are two others which will bring the total to 10. Im getting a Pro10 wide this summer (even though I wont be able to make the Nats :( ) Good luck guys! I have faith in you.
Hey just thought Id let you know that race entries for the US Pan Car Championships will be opening up (Lord willing) after the Onroad Nationals in July. So dust off your 10L, EV10, SP10, or whatever Pro10 OR Pro12 chassis you may have and get ready for some doorbanging high speed action Texas style!
Greetings 10th and 12th scale racers!

I just thought Id update you on progress with my race. We are planning for opening entries the week after the ROAR Outdoor Onroad Nationals in Oregon. Hopefully by that time the official website will be actually worth looking at (and more than just a forum). I will be calling the owner of Hobbytown San Antonio (the host track) tomorrow so he can set up the necessary accounts for mail in and online entry, and getting the finished race flyer so that it can be posted there on the website for easy perusal by the racers so they can pass it out at their respective tracks. I have a couple sponsors lined up but I wont reveal any sponsor information until after I return from Chicago and the IMHE show (I have one very big name in my corner thats all I'll say ). Well thats all for now. US Pan Car Champs are right on track!
Hey guys, just thought Id let you know that entries for the US Pan Car Championships will open up July 31. If you need a copy of the flyer just send an email to [email protected]. I will email it to you so you can print out copies and get it to pan car racers at your track (10th and 12th scale)
Here is the flyer/entry form for the 1st Annual US Pan Car Championships taking place in San Antonio Texas April 28-May 1


Entries open July 31
Edit: I have removed the email out of deference to the parties involved

(those of you who have seen it already must tell NO ONE!!!)
I got me a 10L a couple weeks ago and I havent had a chance to run it yet but I am REALLY looking forward to putting it through its paces. I do have some pics of it and hopefully I will get those up tonight or sometime this weekend
Here are the 19T GTS/GT1 rules

Body: Any touring/GT-1 style body UNMODIFIED as it appears from the factory that is either in production or has been retired AND has appeared in a full scale touring class event (ALMS, SPEED World Challenge, British TC Championship, etc.) OR a GT event(FIA GT, Grand American Road Racing, Trans-Am, American GT Challenge, etc) Please have manufacturers name and/or website available during initial tech session (tires may not protrude from body) Body list will be posted on the website.

Motor: Any ROAR legal C2 based modified as it appears directly from the factory wound with 19 turns. Fixed timing only.

200mm maximum
40 oz minimum weight with EVERYTHING! (including transponder)
ROAR Pro10 rules will be used for tires
ROAR T-2 Electric Touring rules will be enforced or all other measurements (except width)
Cmon. I know we got more guys around here with 10th scale pan cars!
Only 5 months to go! And I just got off the phone with the owner of Hobbytown San Antonio and we discussed a few things regarding the race (including a lack of an entry list which seems to stem from the openness of the entry process). We addressed a few other concerns that have come to our attention in the past few weeks and discussed some very pressing needs that needed to be dealt with immediately. Expect a major update next week (including a firm entry deadline as well as an official schedule).
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