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Now I am talking about casting only. Paint job doesn't matter. What are the 10 best JL castings in recent production that you have actually seen and has been sold on the pegs.

I like the ones that may not be as "cool", but were casted perfectly. My fav's are:

71 Grand Prix (the newer black one is better because it finally has good wheels)
73 AMC Hornet (I need one in stock colors, since the Bond car was too hard to find)
63 Plymouth -very nice casting
70-72 Chevelle - It seems a bit small, but otherwise perfectly proportioned.
69 Camaro - I prefer hardtops, but jl did this one perfect.
70 Duster - JL's 1st perfect casting
73 LeMans GTO - Thank you for doing it well.
62 Impala - Nice when compared to the '61 Pontiac
55 Chrysler - Good proportions on a good finned car
69 Nova - I can't stop buying them.

A few just missed the list like the new Challenger, Javelin, '68 Cuda, Toronado, '70 Mustang, 2004 Nissan Z, Studebaker, boattail Riviera and '67 Skylark GS. I cant wait to see the next batch of new releases.

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Of course I am going to say the 67-68 Firebirds, but they are very well done and are correct, except the addition of the windwing side windows on some 68's. They are correctly proportioned and have acccurate details, and they are far superior to any other brands attempt at them, and much better than JL's earlier attempt at the 69 bird. I also agree on the 69 Camaro convertible. I would have to say that the MC USA release with the white interior car is the number 1 on my list. It is just about perfect. I also like the 68-69 GTO's, especially the blue 69, the 70 Mustang, the 70-72 Chevelles and the 68 Cougar. I thought that the 61 Pontiac was well done as well, especially the holiday version. :wave:

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1. 1970 Ford Mustang
2. 1958-1960 Ford Thunderbird
3. Tucker 48
4. Nash Metropolitan (if it wasn't so big it would be perfect!)
5. 1966-1967 Dodge Charger
6. 1974 AMC Hornet
7. 1970-1972 Chevy Monte Carlo
8. 1977-1978 Pontiac Firebird
9. 1959 DeSoto
10. 1971-1976 AMC Gremlin... oops not yet. :jest:

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Not in any particular order...

'62 Bel Air
'55 Ford Panel Truck
'69-'71 Nova
'71 Duster
'70-'71 Montego/Cyclone
'68-'69 GTO
Military Willy's Jeep
'70-'72 Monte Carlo
'70 Ford Mustang Fastback
'69 Ford Shelby Mustang Fastback

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going on memory

1. 70-72 Chevelle
2. 69 Dart
3. 62 Belair
4. Super 70's Grand Prix
5. 70-2 Monte Carlo
6. 69 Nova (favorite so far is the primered one)
7. AMC Hornet
8. Cadillac Hearse (Bond)
9. 65 Chevelle wagon (sweet casting, hope to get one w/o Grateful Dead garbage on it)
10. AMC SC/Rambler
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