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SciFi Metropolis is back, and have just released the next 1/6 figure: Dr. Maureen Robinson!:woohoo:
She looks as good as the first three figures, very nice headsculpt, looks just like June Lockhart! And the 3rd season outfit is perfect!
The Maureen figure is available at the Robot Factory website, and at the AMOK Time website.
The first three figures were a limited edition of 2000, and there are still a FEW left available of all 3(Professor John Robinson, Dr. Zachery Smith, and the Keeper).
But, the Maureen figure is a limited edition of 500, so I wouldn't wait too long to get one(I saw one sell on evilbay for 109.00 at auction close, and another that ended at 90.00).
I really like all 4 of these figures and hope they continue with the rest of the line!!:thumbsup:


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