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Well, the way this project got started was: I wanted a 1/6 figure of Cap from the movie. Hot toys makes one, but I cannot afford one (rent, food, utilities, etc, and the fact that it's 200 bucks). Well, I had an old Ultimate Soldier body in my bin, and I saw a pez dispenser at the store of Cap's head (comic version):

So, with those in hand, a 25 cent blue t-shirt from a thrift store, some white t-shirt material from a previous project and a roll of masking tape, I ended up with the following:

The shield was made from a large "blind-spot" stick on mirror from Wal-Mart; just pop it out of the holder and paint, then spray with dull-cote. All the paints are acrylic, with clear cote and dull cote (Krylon) to protect my work

I know it isn't the most accurate figure made of this version of Cap; I'm still working to refine it. The face and helmet still need work, and details still need to be added to the body.

But for a total of 20 bucks, I don't think it's that bad, huh?
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