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1/50th Batmobile checklist?

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Does anyone have a link to a checklist for the Hot Wheels 1/50th batmobile series? I have several of them and would like to know how many were made.
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Found one! www.hollywood-diecast.com lists 1/64th and 1/50th with pictures.
From the 1966 Batman TV Series/Movie, we have:
1) Batmobile
2) Batmobile w/trailer hitch
3) Penguin Batmobile
4) Batcycle
5) Batboat
6) Batcopter
7) Batgirl's Batcycle (from Comic Con exclusive set)
8) Chrome Batmobile (from Toys R Us Boxed Set)

From Batman/Batman Returns movies:
8) Batmobile
9) Batwing
10) Batmissile
11) Bat Boat
12) Armored Batmobile
13) The Penguin Duck

From Batman Forever:
14) Batmobile

From Batman & Robin:
15) Batmobile
15) Batblade

From Batman Begins/The Dark Knight:
Batman Begins Batmobile (camoflage)
The Dark Knight Batmobile (black)
Bat-Pod w/Batman (Comic Con Exclusive Boxed Set)

From Comics/Cartoons:
Comic Book Batmobile
Animated Series Batmobile
Animates Series Batmobile with Damage
Super Friends Batmobile
1940's Batmobile

Coming Soon:
The Bat (from The Dark Knight Rises)
And this blue Batmobile pictured below, left:

Here's the link for pics:

http://www.hollywood-diecast.com/HW batmobiles timeline.htm

- JJ
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Welcome to HobbyTalk! 🤙

Do you have them all too?
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Bought these recently and have displayed on my desk. These are really very nicely detailed. I had a similar set long ago when I was a kid, I think it was made by Corgi?, but wasn't as nice as this set.
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