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Here is my personal 1/350 Enterprise build. I had to dismantle and remove some electronics to complete another build for a friend. However, Now it's back to it's former glory and then some!
Here's what I did...

Paint. The model was originally airbrushed a custom mix of colors(If you are boring like me and want the model to reflect the actual filming miniature, you have to mix the paint...it can't be obtained from a rattle can), The Original paints were Tamiya and model Master. The repairs were addressed with Tamiya and Vallejo Paints, Again, Airbrushed.At the time of its construction all the reference material from the restoration was yet to be had...so I used my reference photos. Once the Info was shared by our friend, Gary Kerr, I went back and made adjustments accordingly!

This was an original release! As such, it had those horrid way out of scale ugly gridlines on the upper and lower saucer! That would't do...so I filled in the lines and sanded them smooth. The pleasing result is the very faint lingering remnants of said grid lines, properly in scale with this model kit!

Lighting... Originally I used the Polar Lights lighting kit. However I found it not to my liking so I basically torn it down and built my own lighting rig. Special attention was given to the engine lights. I wanted them to replicate the original Miniature's effect as close as possible.

Motors...I can change the speed of the rotation of the fan blades in the Nacelle caps via a potentiometer.

Weathering... Accomplished with Air brush, paint brush, pastels, pencils, paper towel, tissue, my finger and my Shirt!

A video is more descriptive than just a photo, so here it is on my kitchen counter!

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