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1/12th Capt. Cardboard EVA POD DOOR Motor!

It would be a sin not to share this.

A worm gear drive (taken form a simple portable CD player) for the EVA pod door.

Of course It would be cut down to just the worm gear and it's motor, as you can see there is plenty of room inside the 'ear muff' section of the 1/12th scale resin EVA Pod. A thin flexible ribbon piece would be attatched to the door then to the worm gear box. quiet and smooth.... I'm sure that it will work just fine.

Moves at a perfect speed with 1.5V applied... the modeling possibilities are endless!

If you have been thinking of picking up this kit ....DO NOT put it off... I just received mine and it is simlpy amazing! My faith in resin G-kits is restored! Scott delivers again! The kit was packed in soft thick material, HUGE instruction booklet, JT graphics decals, beautiful transparant 'overlays', crisp bubble & pin hole free casted parts! and if you buy the latest version you get white metal 'remote arms' and a very well sculpted Dave Bowman in full space gear and it really does look like Dave! You can build hime with helmet on or off....he even comes with decals for the suite.
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