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1/12 Mustang by Mello Yello

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After buying this model I liked it so much I bought another one. The first one didnt turn out as I hoped. After lots of wet sanding clearing & painting, it still turned out bad. I had the finish very smooth & loved it. Then I try to glue in a side window & got alittle glue on the body. I tried to wipe it off but took the paint with it. I didnt use the right glue. So I tried to fix this but ended up wet sanding the entire car again. I was hoping for a nice smooth finish but it didnt happen. It has a rough feel to it. I finished putting it together & left it. On a scale of 1 to 10 Id give it a 5. I have a few pics of it. If anyone wants to see it, please give me your email & I will send them to you.
The new one will have some similarities but it will also be different. I will have black stripes instead of the white. Found the paint for it as well. Hope this new one turns out much better than the first one.
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