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Big changes for carpet racing at the PLEX this year!!!:D

With turnout for our big weekend races off a bit last year, we are going to try something different this year. We are going to host the "HobbyPLEX Winter Carpet Series" for oval and onroad this year. This will run the same as our "Offroad Summer Series" that we host every summer, one race a month through the season. The main reason for doing this is to run each race on one day versus two or three for our previous events. Hopefully this will make it less expensive so more racers will be able to attend.:nod:

Race format for the weekends will be as follows:

Oval practice 6PM - 10PM
Oval practice 7AM - 9AM
Oval registration 9AM - 9:30AM
Oval Racing 10AM - 5PM
Road Course setup 5PM - 6PM
Onroad practice 6PM - 10PM
Onroad practice 7AM - 9AM
Onroad registration 9AM - 9:30AM
Onroad Racing 10AM - 6PM

We will run three rounds of qualifying and single mains on both Saturday and Sunday.

For the Oval classes we will use BRL Rules:

Sportsman 17.5/single cell Trucks
Super stock 13.5/single cell COT
Pro Stock 21.5/2 cell Spec*
Pro Stock 10.5/single cell*
LOSI Mini Late Model Spec
LOSI Mini Late Model Open

And this will be the Onroad class lineup:

HobbyPLEX Junior Mini Spec
TCS Mini Spec: TCS Rules, 5 minute qualifiers and 10 minute main w/manditory caution, 1300g
17.5 Rubber Touring: ROAR 17.5 B/L & 7.4v Lipo, JACO Blue or Green premounts, 1500g
13.5 Super Stock 1/12th: ROAR 13.5 B/L & 3.7v Lipo, 730g
Trans Am: USVTA Rules, 5.0 FDR, 1525g

Entry Fees: $15 First entry, $10 each additional

Race Dates:
November 7th & 8th
Decemeber 5th & 6th
January 16 & 17th
February 27th & 28th
March 27th & 28th

The points championship will be a best 4 of 5 with the finals in March counting 1.5x points. We'll be getting sponsors over the course of the winter so we should have some great prizes to give away at the finals as well as some cool trophies!

Info is also on the website here HobbyPLEX Raceway

Any ?s, please post or send PM

Hope everyone can make it out for some fun and great racing!!!

Tim Ski

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Not bad for the first race, 35 entries!!:thumbsup:

Thanks to Andy and Rick for makiing it over from Vinton.

Ben Sackett with the double in 13.5 & 21.5 and Mike Harrill with the double in Mini Late Model Stock & 17.5, great job guys!!:thumbsup:

Here are the results:09-10 Oval Winter Series

Next race is December 5th

Tim Ski
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