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Hi Guys,

Everything seems to be working well so far. We have gotten great feedback from many tracks and promoters. Additionally, we have been asked for some promotional things like T-shirts, event sponsorships, and we have a need to buy some trophies for the TOUR Champions. With no funding, this could be a problem.

From the beginning Allan and I wanted to use a different approach with the TOUR, distinguishing ourselves as an organizational group versus a sanctioning body, and developing a rules package as a guideline for tracks to adopt versus running events.

From a fund raising standpoint, we want to develop a different approach as well. Commonly, organizations sell memberships and have dues. We don’t want to burden the racers with that at this time. Our approach is to simply hold 50/50 drawings at race events with the proceeds going to the TOUR. We are doing one at the Oval Masters and Snowbirds as a start.

We would also like to hold weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly 50/50 raffles at tracks around the country that want to support the TOUR. These would be conducted by the local TOUR official at each track, after clearing it with the hobby shop or club.

We’ve kept the overhead low, so we don’t need much to work with, but the more we raise, the more things we can do. We’ve set up a paypal account for 50/50 proceeds at [email protected] Donations are welcome as well. (PLEASE NOTE: Allan and I also accept personal donations of chicken wings and beer at all TOUR race events.) Once we get a website going we can give credit and recognition to all those who have sponsored and supported our efforts.

We need to establish Tour Officials at tracks throughout the country to make this happen. If you are interested in being a TOUR Official, please email me at [email protected] and I can give you some details regarding the benefits and requirements.

Thanks again for all of your support.

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