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won't start

  1. Subaru EA175V engine Kick Back

    Small Engine Repair 4-Cycle
    I have an Ariens 22-ton log splitter with a Subaru EA175V engine. While splitting wood with the splitter in the vertical position I stopped the engine to take a break. Upon returning and pulling on the cord I experienced kick-back. After a few tries and a very sore wrist called it a day. A few...
  2. 1991 Club Car DS won't start

    Small Engine Repair General Discussion
    Good Morning, I have a 1991 Club Car DS that quits working. You press on the pedal and you can hear the solenoid click, but the starter does nothing. I can go across the solenoid and it will turn over. I've checked all 4 micro switches and they all are OK. Sometimes it will work OK, then all of...
  3. Leaf Blower Engine Was Seized. Now Won't Start

    Small Engine Repair 2-Cycle
    I have a leaf blower that was run on plain gas and seized. I tipped it, spark plug up and put in some penetrating oil. It stayed there for a while then drained away. Then the engine was free. I pulled the head just to take a look. The ring was frozen and the piston has a score mark. See the...
  4. Gcv160 mower stopped, won't start

    Small Engine Repair General Discussion
    Hi. I just joined the forum. Very impressed with what I found here while googling fixes for this, but don't see this particular situation: Engine stopped after operating normally for about twenty minutes. There was no deteriorating performance until the moment it stopped. Does not fire on...
  5. Homelite 2 Cycle UT20769 Not starting.

    Small Engine Repair 2-Cycle
    Hello, I have changed the Carburetor, Starting Coil, fuel lines and fuel filter, checked for carbon build up, removed the muffler and spark arrestor, only thing I have left is to change the piston ring. The piston does not look scored. I have performed a spark test and get a blue spark. I...