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  1. Johnny Lightning General Discussions
    I don't know if any of you remember a guy that went by the name of "Tinywheels". He used to have a business selling Johnny lightning's online and at car shows about 8 years ago. He is my dad, I now have his entire stock of White Lightning's, its about 7 large Rubbermaid's worth of 1/64th scale...
  2. Johnny Lightning General Discussions
    Hello looking for a lightning fest hurst olds. For sale
  3. Johnny Lightning White Lightning
    Looking to buy 1984 hurst olds WL and regular
  4. Johnny Lightning White Lightning
    Howdy, Just arrived here on this board and I was glad to see there was a Johnny Lightning forum because I have a casting that's stumping me. I would love to pick the brain of anyone knowledgeable about Bloomington Gold's 2003 "50 Years of Corvette" and their use of Johnny Lightning castings for...
1-4 of 5 Results