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  1. Awesome Bad Azz Viper Mk III build at Wonderfest 2015

    Science Fiction Modeling
    Just thought I'd highlight this truly lovely Viper Mk III build by Dave Olszewski for the JT-Graphics peeps. https://www.facebook.com/313182708694381/photos/a.559019730777343.129322.313182708694381/998642886815023/?type=3&theater I couldn't attend the show, but have been searching out pics of...
  2. Moebius TOS Galactica Viper

    Moebius Models
    Hi everyone, New to the forum, but I love the old-school BSG Viper my Dad got me for my birthday. I do have a question- I know the Moebius Vipers are pretty popular. I'm not planning in any way to light mine, lacking the funds or skills. I hand or spray can my models, so I was wondering if...
  3. Custom 2 JL 2010 Viper SRT10

    Diecast Car Customs
    My Custom 2: JL 2010 Viper SRT10 Second custom. Simple wheel swap and wheel coloring. Added a spoiler to give it more of a "GT" feel, "lowered" rear "suspension" and colored in the side vents ^^
  4. Monogram/Revell Viper. Patchwork.

    Science Fiction Modeling
    On its way, but in a crucial phase where a lot of stuff can go wrong. As a watcher of the old 70s BSG series, I wondered where parts for new Vipers came from. Though it was never shown in the old series, the Galactica had its own shipyard for small craft--according to...
  5. BSG Viper MkII

    Moebius Models
    I recently completed my Moebius Viper MkII kit. It was my first Sci-Fi kit and I think I am hooked to the fact that I can use my own initiative with weathering etc. I decided not to do all the battle damage you usually see on these kits and having recently watched the series on TV I see there is...