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  1. Slot Car General Discussion
    I have been racing for the last year on a Tyco track that is mostly scratch built; it started as a “Ferrari Faceoff” set which I added to multiple times. One of the things I added was a terminal from my original childhood Turbo Boost 300 set; this was a gimmick that amounts to a rheostat with...
  2. Slot Car Modeling & Customizing
    So has begun the learning process of resin casting. I purchased several die-cast cars that I want to add to my collection off of e-bay - one of which is the 1948 Tucker - one of my favorite cars. I need to figure out how to cast an RTV mold of a slot car body. For now, I cast it in one solid...
  3. Tyco Nite Glow Super Cliff Hanger Corvette #7053

    Listed in the 1986 Tyco Catalog Super Cliff Hanger Cars
  4. Slot Car General Discussion
    First off, let me start by saying how much I appreciate this forum and (most of) you pancake motorheads. I've been reading the past posts for the past six months now and have learned A LOT and usually when I have a question, the search function works great. But for now, I have a few...
  5. Slot Car Box Stock & Collecting
    Got this score a few weeks ago. I did a little long distance Craiglist search and got lucky. I was able to get my Dad to pick them up for me since he lived near by. I live in FL and he lives in Northern Indiana. It came with three race sets. I had him ship me the cars. I'll get the track...
1-7 of 8 Results