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  1. Found my first Treasure Hunt!

    Hot Wheels General Discussions
    OK, I actually found two within about a week and a half! I've been a HW fan since I was 8 but only really picked up the Batmobiles for many years. It's only recently that I've started picking up other cars and gotten into HW collecting as a hobby. I had heard of the HW case events at K-Mart and...
  2. Hot Wheels Collection for sale on Scoomer

    Hot Wheels General Discussions
    Hello I have over 1500 Hot Wheels, Johnny Lightning. M2 Machines, Matchbox, Jada Toys die-cast cars for sale. I have been collection for over 25 yrs. I need to sell my collection because my wife is pregnant and we need room for the new baby. Check out my deep discounts. I offer shipping...
  3. ZAMACS and THs for Trade

    Diecast Car Auctions, Buy, Sell, Swap/Trade Items
    I have carded ZAMACS ('14 Copo Camaro and Chevrolet SS) and regular THs for trade: Speedbox, Fangster, Maximum Leeway, and two Night Burners. Cards have some soft corners and blister wear, especially on the ZAMAC Camaro. Always interested in carded Boulevards, but specifically the following...
  4. Time to Refresh My Collection

    Diecast Car Collecting General Discussions
    Hello All! I am new to this site been collecting for years and now I am getting the itch to sell off some stuff. I have 1600 cars I do have some listed in an excel sheet that i have been using to keep up with what i have. Some highlights: 26 Treasure Hunts 1995 - 2004 ( all random only one...
  5. treasure hunts, sizzlers for sale

    Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts
    - hot wheels treasure hunt, olds 442, collector #353, -hot wheels treasure hunt, nomad, collector #362 - hot wheels vintage collection snake #10497 - sizzlers- 2 different 1971 barracudas, 1971 transam - hot wheels turbo streak, has rubber wheels Asking 200 obo pictures can be provided...
  6. Looking to Buy 1995 JCPenny Treasure Hunt Set

    Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts
    Looking to Buy 1995 JCPenny Treasure Hunt Set. Must be in close to mint condition. I am a serious buyer who is in need to complete my JCPenny Treasure Hunt sets. It's been a long time since I have been collecting but this is the one set that has not left my mind for many years now so if anyone...