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  1. The Modeling Forum
    Hello! Im really wanting to build a marble race track. i have a pretty good idea of what Im doing. Im thinking of doing straight 6x12 track pieces, with 1x1/4 guard rails. I also have my 90 degere angle turns. I only have a few questions. 1 - Im looking to use balsa wood for the base of my...
  2. RC Oval Racing General Discussion
    Are there any on/off road RC tracks near Asheville NC that are in operation?
  3. Slot Car Track Building
    So I got a little bored over the rainy weekend and decided to rebuild and expand the track I made for my niece. It looks GREAT. Lots of features, a couple nice straightaways, some S curves, but... It appears power is an issue. Surges in some zones, dead stops in others. I'd read on HO Slot Car...
  4. Hot Wheels General Discussions
    Hello! I am looking to purchase a toy from my childhood from E bay, however I cannot remember the name to do a search. It was a Hot Wheels race track. I remember the commercial from the 80's. It was a boy racing his car against a phantom ghost man. The ghost won the race at the end of the...
  5. Slot Car 1/32 Scale
    1/32nd Scalextric track for sale. Approximately 80 running feet, 6 lanes includes Trackmate Software, computer and monitor. Table measure approximately 25 feet, being used commercially right now and runs great. Local pick in Little Falls, NJ only. Available approx. May 1,2012 For details call...
  6. RC Offroad Racing Track Discussion
    Hello racers, I am in the process of setting up and indoor racing facility in central New Jersey. The people with the money want to know that there is a calling for their investment so I am looking to get the word out that there is a need and want for a place to race all week long and at night...
1-6 of 7 Results