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  1. Science Fiction Modeling
    In "The Enterprise Incident" (TOS Season 3) there is no complete view of the female Romulan Commander's chair. Does anyone know or have a photo of the complete chair? There has been a toy model but I do not know whether it is authentic or partially (especially back and base) phantasy.
  2. Science Fiction Modeling
    Just a little something I've wanted to do for a while. Thanks to the groundbreaking research made freely available by the fine folks at HeroComm.com I have everything I need to make an accurate, virtual Communicator. I will note that I am making a "real" Comm, whereas the information at...
  3. Science Fiction Modeling
    Does anyone have any info on this Revell Germany TOS Klingon D-7? http://www.revell.de/index.php?id=210&KGKANR=0&KGKOGP=10&KGSCHL=83&L=0&page=1&sort=0&nc=&searchactive=&q=&SWO=&ARMAS4=&PHPSESSID=96aa245eaae24a7f5a7f03eb5ba2d001&KZSLPG=&offset=3&cmd=show&ARARTN=04881&sp=1 Is it their own...