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  1. Tomica
    Just sharing some new Tomicas available at Walmart. Love the Lexus RC F.:smile2:
  2. Tomica
    I was wondering if anybody here knows where I can find a store here in Jacksonville,FL to buy Tomica Diecast Cars that are 1/64. :crying::crying::crying: I just started collecting them while I was in the Philippines and I know they are so much easier to find in Asia than in here. I don't wanna...
  3. Diecast Cars Dioramas
    Scale 1:64th
  4. Diecast Cars General Discussions
    OLDSMOBILE TORONADO that is : TOMICA OLDSMOBILE TORONADO XSR - actually the real car was a power T-Roof Prototype that never saw public distribution (three made) - There are 8 or so Caddi Eldorados with the same treatment. I searched Shows for years for this one found it in a little...
  5. Tomica
    Does anyone remember the great Tomica "Pocket Cars" of the '70s? I recently did a post on my original mini-Cadillac for Curbside Classic: http://www.curbsideclassic.com/blog/miniature-curbside-classic-1975-cadillac-fleetwood-brougham-by-tomica-the-beginning-of-my-broughamitis/ I am glad that...
1-5 of 6 Results