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  1. Science Fiction Modeling
    Finished my 1/100 Revell U-Wing. Although it's a Snap kit, with a little TLC you can get some nice results. (It's not what you start with, it's what you do with it!). Revell U-Wing - HobbyTalk Member Photo Albums I removed the batteries and covered up the speaker grill and battery compartment...
  2. RC Aircraft
    Hello friends, I open this thread for presented to the last dron who has joined the songoland family This time, we moved to the dark side if Star Wars. At the controls of this Tie Fighter, a piece that lovers of this saga will appreciate very well, with a level of detail very close to that of...
  3. Hot Wheels General Discussions
    Yep Mattel is doing Star Wars Hot WheelZ - some are NEW Models others I think are borrowed from the line. Link to pictures of preview - http://www.rebelscum.com/2014-SDCC/SDCC-2014-Mattel-Hot-Wheels-Star-Wars-Cars-First-Look/
  4. My second diorama

    I ended up using a 1/32 scale M16 truck and 1/35 scale hedgehogs. It was my first time putting together the hedgehogs since they required cement. I know they look like they were built by the lowest government contract bidder lol
  5. Hobby & Collectibles Auctions Buy Sell Swap/Trade
    please delete
  6. Hobby & Collectibles Auctions Buy Sell Swap/Trade
    I hope I'm in the right thread for this since this is my first time. I am selling some of my laserdisc (not DVD) that I owned and most are in mint to near mint condition or still sealed so don't miss out on a good deal. Price does not include shipping. When ordering let me know your Zip code and...
  7. Model Lights and Lighting
    Madman Lighting is proud to announce our latest product, a T-65 Engine and Cockpit lighting kit. Here's a video of the finished product, I added some small white LEDs for extra cockpit lights or they can be landing lights. Here's the YouTube vid: The kits are for sale direct from me now...
  8. Science Fiction Modeling
    Hey guys! I'm just starting in the world of model building/painting.. I finished my first, the Darth Vader TIE fighter and considering my skill level, it went quite well... Now I'm looking for kits of characters that I can try to build/paint. I'm looking for guidance finding the highest...
1-9 of 11 Results