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  1. Round 2 USS Grissom 1:1000 scale question

    Science Fiction Modeling
    Hey everyone, I had the pleasure of picking up the Grissom / Klingon Bird of Prey 2-pack this weekend and I have to say I'm very impressed with the quality of both ships! They look amazing and the lines on both kits are crisp (what you'd expect from new casts!) Because I have no patience, I...
  2. Need a lighting kit for NX-01 PL 1/350

    Science Fiction Modeling
    I'm new to modelling. I have no idea how to wire anything from scratch. I need a lighting kit that is ready to go for the Enterprise NX-01 by Polar Lights 1/350 (not the refit). I did find some online, Monsters In Motion, a couple on eBay. Not sure if there is a better one that you all might...
  3. Enterprise D AMT/Ertl model, official paint colours

    Science Fiction Modeling
    Hey guys! Now that I know how to prepare the windows for my light up Enterprise D model, I need a refresher in what official paints to use for this model, since its been 20 years since I last built one! Does anyone have any knowledge of the correct paints or where I can find them? Thanks!!
  4. Daedalus-class scratchbuilds

    Science Fiction Modeling
    Here are a few shots of my Daedalus-class U.S.S. Horizon. And hats off to Matt Jeffries, btw. I have built three so far, and they improve as I learn. Parts include PVC pipe, plastic baby-rattles and wood. I am working in (approximately) 1/350 and 1/175 scales. The warp nacelle hydrogen...
  5. 2009 JJprise hull colour

    Science Fiction Modeling
    I've got an idea about the base hull colour for this kit and was wondering if it might prove to be an accurate look. Obviously, we have Aztec patterning on the ship and it does tend to display colour refraction not unlike the effect of the beautiful paint on the refit 1701 in TMP. The base...
  6. TOS Communicator in 3D

    Science Fiction Modeling
    Just a little something I've wanted to do for a while. Thanks to the groundbreaking research made freely available by the fine folks at HeroComm.com I have everything I need to make an accurate, virtual Communicator. I will note that I am making a "real" Comm, whereas the information at...
  7. Star Trek NX-01 Enterprise 1/350 Polar Lights Model

    Model Lighting
    Star Trek NX-01 Enterprise 1/350 Polar Lights Model Hello, I am looking to start this new kit soon and I wish to do a full light system just like the USS ENTERPRISE 1/350 REFIT I was looking the lighting kit form monstersinmotion.com for the NX 0-1 the cost seamed low, does anyone have some info...
  8. Yesterday's Enterprise, Tomorrow's Lit Model Kit

    Science Fiction Modeling
    Since I learned the hard way not to cut corners with lighting kits (My exploding battery pack Reliant) I've purchased a proper soldering kit, wires, solder, shrink tubing, heat gun and other goodies. Also I have one of those small ebay airbrush booths on the way so I'm excited to finally do...
  9. Hung out with on old friend this weekend..

    Science Fiction Modeling
    Just a quick weekend build of reissued 1/650 USS Enterprise. Nothing fancy just straight out of the box build with a few quick add-ons. Still need to add a few decals but I'm done for the most part. Paint: Testor's rattle can primer, aircraft light gray, Krylon gray primer.
  10. Original Star Trek Galileo Auction

    Collectibles Auction, Buy, Swap, Sell or Trade
    Greetings... Just want everyone to know about the up and coming auction of the Original Star Trek Galielo Shuttlecraft auction. If anyone should have any questions please contact me at 330.703.2732 (Serious interest please... We are not doing tours) kikoauctions.com for more details Live...
  11. Prologic9 builds: AMT 18" Enterprise

    Science Fiction Modeling
    So we're approaching the release of R2's 350 E and I'm sure I'm not the only guy who feels the need to "get ready." I've got a shat-load of projects lined up between now and then, and what better place to start than with the dawn of all Trek modeling; The Crappy AMT TOS Enterprise kit. For...
  12. ST first contact phoenix

    The Modeling Forum
    Hi all: I'm trying to rebuild (repaint really) a toy model of the ship "Phoenix" from the movie "First Contact" (the one with sound effects and a horrible color) And I wonder if you know any page or site (not the movie itself) where I can obtain more information on the color scheme and details...
  13. USS RELIANT__ouch

    Model Lighting
    A good, but ultimately failed attempt to build a lighted USS Reliant from ST: TWOK. I can't blame the modeller who rigged the lights, he did a competent job. The spindly plastic pole on which the model was (kinda still is) mounted, BROKE. It was embedded in the lower hole via...
  14. Masked the Reliant.. now what?

    Science Fiction Modeling
    Hello again helpful people! I finally finished closing up the ship, giving it a coat of MM "Camo Gray" for the base coat and bought "MM Flat Gull Gray" for the secondary/Aztec pattern. After seeing various models it's more of a gloss vs flat finish and now I'm questioning how I should go about...
  15. Question about scale: AMT's Romulan Warbird

    Science Fiction Modeling
    I've been working on building my workbench in my garage (so I have a place to work on kits, especially my battle-damaged Reliant). I came across one of my model storage boxes when lo and behold I found not one but two unfinished models of the Romulan Warbird from AMT's Adversary set from the...
  16. Star Trek model and prop creation help?

    Science Fiction Modeling
    First off I'd like to say its been quite some time since I've posted on here. Had a life altering automotive accident couldn't join the air force and been getting back into everything in life. Anywho I'd very much like to get back into my hobby which is star trek model and prop construction and...