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  1. Down the Front Slope

    The sleds looked great thundering down the front slope as they bounced along Aurora's wonderful Model Motoring bridge tracks, molded in white as snowdrifts just for this set.
  2. The Split

    Hurtling down the front slope, Blue hits the split, where the course goes around each side of a large hummock. At downhill speeds on snow, even this slight curve is enough to throw you around, and Blue is about to fishtail out. Frosty the flagman looks on with a worried expression in his coal lumps,
  3. Starting Line

    Whoa, the fans have arrived! Time to get serious. The resin snowmen were bought for pennies at an after-Christmas sale, modded and repainted. I liked the way their branch-arms were up in an excited wave. Snowmen aren't usually known for their enthusiasm.
1-3 of 3 Results