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  1. Slot Car Modeling & Customizing
    Adapting a 4-gear body to a slotless chassis is no small task. Unlike slotted cars, a guy has to account not only for getting the body to 'snap" onto the chassis (which means it has to be tight enough to hold it, but not so tight as it causes the magnets to bind with the armature), but a guy...
  2. Slot Car Modeling & Customizing
    Greetings all: I hope all of you are doing well. I finally had time over Christmas to get back into my AFX stuff over Christmas. I think that it was been about a year since I had time to work on it. My wife bought me a Tyco trailer and some LEDs for my cars. The trailer came with the...
  3. Slot Car Modeling & Customizing
    Following up on my post months ago....I finally got around to finishing the Porsche Carrera modification to the AFX Speed Steer chassis. I purchased this body off of e-bay for under $4.00, including shipping. The paint was worn and it was missing two window posts, so I knew it was going to...
1-3 of 4 Results