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  1. Slot Car Clubs, Events, Races, Shops and Shows
    Have a look... And then come on in and race! Maybe this will work better... I have been told that Race-Wear is actually in Glen Burnie, not Pasadena as shown in the flyer...
  2. Slot Car Clubs, Events, Races, Shops and Shows
    Let me amend that... Attention to everyone that lives east of the Mississippi River!!! (West of the Mississippi might be too far to drive... ) Heads up! SCX NASCAR Regionals and Nationals are returning to the Mid Atlantic states! http://www.slotcarillustrated.com/po...d.php?p=586718 Everyone...
  3. Slot Car General Discussion
    Hi, I used ot have a Carrera track when i was a kid, now 30 years later, my son is interested in it as a toy, and i am getting more and more interested in it as a hobby. My question is, since technology has progressed so much, I am totally out fo the loop, and I was wondering are Carrera...
1-3 of 4 Results