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  1. SCX NASCAR series coming to Race-Wear!

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    Have a look... And then come on in and race! Maybe this will work better... I have been told that Race-Wear is actually in Glen Burnie, not Pasadena as shown in the flyer...
  2. Attention Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey!!! SCX NASCAR!!!

    Slot Car Races & Events
    Let me amend that... Attention to everyone that lives east of the Mississippi River!!! (West of the Mississippi might be too far to drive... ) Heads up! SCX NASCAR Regionals and Nationals are returning to the Mid Atlantic states! http://www.slotcarillustrated.com/po...d.php?p=586718 Everyone...
  3. Newbie question

    Slot Car General Discussion
    Hi, I used ot have a Carrera track when i was a kid, now 30 years later, my son is interested in it as a toy, and i am getting more and more interested in it as a hobby. My question is, since technology has progressed so much, I am totally out fo the loop, and I was wondering are Carrera...