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  1. Retro Sci-Fi rocket lovers!

    Science Fiction Modeling
    I'm thinking of getting a Nu Battlestar Viper MKVII, as well as the Pegasus models Apollo 27, and painting them to be much much more retro. Maybe some red and gold on the Viper. Who knows?! Any other rocketship lovers out there have any builds or ideas to share?
  2. Emhar 1/35 Scale Mk V WWI Tank

    Military / Aircraft Models
    [IMG-LEFT]http://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/emh/images/emh_4005_title.jpg[/IMG-LEFT] I just picked up this kit, and it's fairly nicely moulded, but boy, do the instructions ever suck. This is exacerbated by the complete lack of pins or location marks (a la Italeri's lightly raised...
  3. Star Trek model and prop creation help?

    Science Fiction Modeling
    First off I'd like to say its been quite some time since I've posted on here. Had a life altering automotive accident couldn't join the air force and been getting back into everything in life. Anywho I'd very much like to get back into my hobby which is star trek model and prop construction and...