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  1. Collectibles General Discussion
    I have been collecting model cars, hence the name of this site Moviereplicars.net for about 10 years now. I don't have a very big collection, small moderate collection of replicars from James Bond, Batman, A-team, Star Wars, Halo and much much more. My other passion includes photography (EA...
  2. Maisto
    Hello everyone, the review is on the 1/18 Offroad Premium SUVs Diecast Model Cars, with a highly detailed realistic miniature car collection. Premium SUVs, Luxury SUVs, and Midsize SUVs, the scale model cars featured are 1/18 Hummer 1/18 Jeep Grand Cherokee 1/18 Land Rover Range Rover Sport...
  3. Model Cars
    Hi first time on here. I used to made model cars in the past so I've come back to it. I'm currently attempting to build the Ice Charger from Fate and the Furious and wanted help in regards to making the extended wheel arches. I've cut our the larger wheel arches and am planning to use 0.03mm...
1-3 of 3 Results