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  1. Revell 1:25 68 Charger R/T - F8 Ice Charger Build

    Model Cars
    Hi first time on here. I used to made model cars in the past so I've come back to it. I'm currently attempting to build the Ice Charger from Fate and the Furious and wanted help in regards to making the extended wheel arches. I've cut our the larger wheel arches and am planning to use 0.03mm...
  2. Revell U-Wing

    Science Fiction Modeling
    Finished my 1/100 Revell U-Wing. Although it's a Snap kit, with a little TLC you can get some nice results. (It's not what you start with, it's what you do with it!). Revell U-Wing - HobbyTalk Member Photo Albums I removed the batteries and covered up the speaker grill and battery compartment...
  3. Anyone have a Revell Skull?

    The Modeling Forum
    Hey all. I was wondering if anyone has a Revell skull in their model stash anywhere. I have been looking all around for one, and have only been able to find one eBay post. If anyone has one, I would be willing to buy it. PM me or post here if you have one that you would like to part with. Thanks.
  4. Need a little help!!

    The Modeling Forum
    Need a little help with Revell 1/500 Enterprise kit I'm getting ready to do a build of the Revell 1/500 "Into Darkness" Enterprise kit. I managed to find an actual GRAY (not PINK) set of the Acreation Aztec decals. However, It didn't come with the placement guide to tell me where they go. Most...
  5. Auto Center Charger

    Model Cars
    Finishing up my first model in nearly a year, Revell's 1968 Dodge Charger. This one will be on display at my Auto Center, rare (for 1968 17 white with red interior Hemi's) and will be nicely detailed once finished. 426 with dual inline carbs, headers, stripped interior including radio delete. I...
  6. Questions on building the Revell 1977 GMC Pickup with Snowplow kit

    Model Cars
    Hello everyone, This is my first post on here. I'm getting back into plastic model building after about a 10-year hiatus. Starting out with a Revell/Monogram '32 Ford 3-window Coupe that I found in the storage closet and will go from there. The question I have is about Revell #7222, 1977 GMC...
  7. Anyone have info on this Revell Germany TOS Klingon D-7?

    Science Fiction Modeling
    Does anyone have any info on this Revell Germany TOS Klingon D-7? http://www.revell.de/index.php?id=210&KGKANR=0&KGKOGP=10&KGSCHL=83&L=0&page=1&sort=0&nc=&searchactive=&q=&SWO=&ARMAS4=&PHPSESSID=96aa245eaae24a7f5a7f03eb5ba2d001&KZSLPG=&offset=3&cmd=show&ARARTN=04881&sp=1 Is it their own...
  8. Exciting 1/72nd scale Rapid Fire! wargame video

    Military / Aircraft Models
    Hi everyone! I made this exciting video last night with permission of Colin Rumford and Richard Marsh, the designers of Rapid Fire!. It gives you a run-down of the basic game and the nine steps needed to play a battle. I hope you enjoy it. It's EPIC! P.S. My models and figures are used in...
  9. Monogram/Revell Viper. Patchwork.

    Science Fiction Modeling
    On its way, but in a crucial phase where a lot of stuff can go wrong. As a watcher of the old 70s BSG series, I wondered where parts for new Vipers came from. Though it was never shown in the old series, the Galactica had its own shipyard for small craft--according to...