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  1. Casting a 1948 Tucker in resin for Tyco chassis

    Slot Car Modeling/Customizing
    So has begun the learning process of resin casting. I purchased several die-cast cars that I want to add to my collection off of e-bay - one of which is the 1948 Tucker - one of my favorite cars. I need to figure out how to cast an RTV mold of a slot car body. For now, I cast it in one solid...
  2. Looking for Matchbox Pre Productions

    Diecast Car Auctions, Buy, Sell, Swap/Trade Items
    Hello all! Just found this forum... Been collecting Matchbox for years now. I'm always looking for pre pros, especially resins. Especially 90's to mid 00's, and definitely of emergency vehicles, but could be regular vehicles, too. Let me know what you have! Replying here or email direct at...
  3. FS Star Wars 1/144 GR-75 Rebel Transport resin kit

    Collectibles Auction, Buy, Swap, Sell or Trade
    please delete
  4. Meteoro


    A resin kit