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  1. Science Fiction Modeling
    I've received a number of inquiries as to when I was going to update the refit blueprints on Cygnus. The issue is that I converted from Turbocad (ACIS) to Rhino (NURBS). This conversion allowed me to run natively and to correct some shapes that I was never able to get 100% to my satisfaction in...
  2. Science Fiction Modeling
    I reallllly wanna have spotlights shine from the nacelles down to the lower hull of the refite Polar Lights 1/350 model of the Star Trek USS Enterprise so that there is a focused and tight spot on the Starfleet insignia. Has anyone come up with a solution to do this and be able to share with me?
  3. Science Fiction Modeling
    Hello all.I'm new to the forum.I want to build NCC-1701 refit as it appeared after the saucer self-destruction. I will be using my extra 1/350 scale PL. My problem is i do not know how to construct the saucer after it exploded. Anyone have any plans or suggestions on how to do this? This my...
  4. Science Fiction Modeling
    I'm not a fan of the show or the ship, but I came across this article. Apparently, Polar Lights will be re-releasing the 1:1000 scale NX-01, but will also include with it parts to build the "refit" version of it as designed by Enterprise series production designer Doug Drexler. More info in...
1-4 of 4 Results