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  1. Hot Wheels General Discussions
    I have all the redlines going from the 1968 sweet 16 to the *80s when they discontinued them. can we have a discussion about the death of the redlines?
  2. Diecast Car Customs
    Finished up a Mustang Stocker yesterday evening. It Started out as the '77 Super Chromes release. Made to look like the '75 Flying Colors release. Now that I've got the decals done, I've got a few other things in mind for them.... ;) I've got a few WIP pics posted here ->...
  3. Diecast Car Brands
    Just a cross section of my vintage stuff. I like a lot of stuff. Have had an awesome Redline collection but did downsize. Sometimes I miss them but I have the itch again for vintage diecast collecting. Recently got into Jet Wheels and Super Speedys. Always liked Husky's and Matchbox too. Have...