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redline 68-72

  1. Question about how prices have risen from someone who had all the 1968 cars

    Hot Wheels Redlines Era
    Hello I recently started researching and purchasing a few cars from when I got my first set. I am interested in knowing how prices for the "redline" cars have changed the last 5years 10 years, etc. My purpose was to get back what my parents gave away. But am now curious how much the car...
  2. advice with my Topper Johnny Lightning Custom GTO

    Johnny Lightning Topper
    Hi folks, Super neat (<-- yep I sure did, I said 'neat' lol) forum here! There's so much good info, of with Im in need of myself. I have, as the title mentions, a 1969 Topper Johnny Lightning Custom GTO. Im wondering if I should take it somewhere to be restored, or if doing so will depreciate...
  3. When were hot wheels best

    Hot Wheels General Discussions
    so at which time were hot wheels there coolest, some may say the redline era because of its spectraflame paint cool cragar s/s looking wheels or maybe the current times because of the huge variety of cars