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  1. Hotwheels 84 Pontiac firebird wheel errors

    Hot Wheels General Discussions
    Hey guys this is my first post and I'm not to familiar with any of this stuff,but I came home today after shopping and found that one of my hotwheels (84 Pontiac firebird) 2020 has 2 different wheels and I googled the car to make sure that it's an error and sure enough it is....what I'm asking...
  2. Selling my huge collection of White Lightnings

    Johnny Lightning General Discussions
    I don't know if any of you remember a guy that went by the name of "Tinywheels". He used to have a business selling Johnny lightning's online and at car shows about 8 years ago. He is my dad, I now have his entire stock of White Lightning's, its about 7 large Rubbermaid's worth of 1/64th scale...
  3. Hey Everyone! Im new here and just want to say hi!

    Collectibles General Discussion
    We are a Hotwheels themed family Youtube channel that just started up! We could use all of your support to get us up and running so if you'd like to sub and follow our adventure that would be great! Come follow "The Children's Toybox" on Youtube for weekly Hotwheel videos! We will be posting...
  4. Need of help figuring out what this car is in the blue

    Hot Wheels General Discussions
    Can anyone help? I recently came across this car at a local thrift shop and have never seen it before. This car appears to be one solid piece of wood maybe? The car is also smaller than the regular Hot Wheels. I included a picture of a 1974 Hot Wheels EMS Paramedic Rescue Network Unit 3 Vehicle...
  5. Awesome find this morning!!

    Hot Wheels General Discussions
    An unspun 2014 Rip Rod :roll: Has anyone found any other 2014 errors? Would love to see them!
  6. Ultra rare Johnny Lightning the challengers al unser

    Johnny Lightning General Discussions
    I have in my possession two count them two of these cars in the original packaging and want to know the value. I was told there are none known to be in existence in the original packaging and that they are worth a lot of money any input would be appreciated. the bottom from what I can read says...
  7. 2011 Mark Martin Diecast for Sale

    Diecast Car Auctions, Buy, Sell, Swap/Trade Items
    Hello, as some of you may notice this is my first post here on the forums, so forgive me as it might take a few attempts to get this right, anyways I have a 2011 Mark Martin Car Quest BRUSHED METAL for sale. Only 135 of these were produced (Very rare). The car is brand new and has only been...
  8. 2010 *MINT* Dream Halloween "Graveyard Shift" Hot Wheels cars

    Diecast Car Collecting General Discussions
    Hello! I am new to Hobbytalk and while I'm an avid collector of model trains (H-O scale and Lionel) today I was wondering if anyone has any interest in two mint condition 2010 Dream Halloween "Graveyard Shift" Hot Wheels cars. I am trying to sell them as I have no use for them and from what I...
  9. VHS for sale

    Collectibles Auction, Buy, Swap, Sell or Trade
    Used VHS for sale. 1st person to place an order gets free shipping within the 48 states. Alaska, Hawaii and foreign orders get 10% off shipping. Buy 4 or more and indicate your choice of either 30 cent off each title or any one of the $1.50 tape for free. VHS conditions vary by title. I accept...