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  1. Slot Car Clubs, Events, Races, Shops and Shows
    Saturday January 25, 2014 10 am - 2pm Location: Oaks Fire House 260 Green Tree Road Phoenixville PA 19456 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. General Admission $5 / person - KIDS UNDER 16 FREE Door Prizes! Tables $25 each (2 or more tables – helper is FREE; 1table – helper $5.) Dealer setup begins at 8 a.m...
  2. Slot Car Clubs, Events, Races, Shops and Shows
    The next running of the America On Wheels Grand Prix for the Eddie Sachs Memorial Award will run on Saturday June 7, 2014. The racing for the first Eddie Sachs award was spectacular, and was proudly won by Henry Harnish, whose name will now be on permanent display in the museum on the plaqued...
  3. Hot Wheels General Discussions
    Hello! I am looking to purchase a toy from my childhood from E bay, however I cannot remember the name to do a search. It was a Hot Wheels race track. I remember the commercial from the 80's. It was a boy racing his car against a phantom ghost man. The ghost won the race at the end of the...
1-3 of 4 Results