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  1. The Modeling Forum
    I am new to modern model building, coming back to it after a more than 50 year absence. Too much travel, too much career, too much, too much.... I am currently working with a Revell kit Messerschmidt BF110C, Never worked with plastic before; it is interesting. In my earlier experience...
  2. Moebius Models
    I started with the Alclad black gloss base coat on my ironman kit and got a nasty surprise. I have not done anything to the paint. Shake well and just pour and shoot, but then I noticed sputtering on my airbrush while shooting and when the first bit of paint was done I looked in my airbrush cup...
  3. Small Engine Repair 2-Cycle
    Hello, I have a Sears 316.794970 handheld blower with a Zama C1Q-P26A carb that wont start. I've cleaned the carb thorougly and reassembled it. I've got the carburetor loose w/fuel lines attached and gas is definitely going into and through the carb but I dont see any gas leaving the hole...
1-3 of 3 Results