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polar lights

  1. ISO: Itsy-bitsy-teenie-weeinie spotlights for PL 1/350 Refit Enterprise

    Science Fiction Modeling
    I reallllly wanna have spotlights shine from the nacelles down to the lower hull of the refite Polar Lights 1/350 model of the Star Trek USS Enterprise so that there is a focused and tight spot on the Starfleet insignia. Has anyone come up with a solution to do this and be able to share with me?
  2. 1/1000 Bozeman Conversion?

    Science Fiction Modeling
    Hey everyone! I have a friend who is a HUGE fan of "Cause and Effect," and I really want to built him a 1/1000 Bozeman. I have no scratch-building skills whatsoever, so I was curious if there is anyone working on a conversion kit for the Polar Lights 1/1000 Reliant. I have two of them in box at...
  3. The Three Stooges & custom base

    The Modeling Forum
    Working on a new project... The Three Stooges... I really like these kits. I've built 7 or 8 sets of the Stooges over the years but never for myself.... I always wanted to do a custom base so here's a WIP shot... - Denis
  4. Aurora/Polar Lights "Bride" problems

    Science Fiction Modeling
    If by chance you build a Bride of Frankenstein, watch out for those arms. Find a way to fix them in place with plenty of leeway before final assembly. I just assumed things would fall into place when the half-loops of the restraints were glued into place. Her forearms/wrists were too high on...
  5. Enterprise NX-01 Refit coming from Polar Lights

    Science Fiction Modeling
    I'm not a fan of the show or the ship, but I came across this article. Apparently, Polar Lights will be re-releasing the 1:1000 scale NX-01, but will also include with it parts to build the "refit" version of it as designed by Enterprise series production designer Doug Drexler. More info in...
  6. Robinson model figures

    Moebius Models
    Gosh, I wish someone could make model figures of the Robinsons scaled for the Polar Lights Jupiter 2!
  7. Polar Lights Black Beauty Art Print

    Model Cars
    Hi Guys...it's been a while since I posted, but I have been busy dealing with both health issues and some work. I have gotten to know a lot of you guys over the years, so I wanted you to know that I had a lucky break. I sent Round 2 samples of my art and I apparently I impressed Jamie Hood there...