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  1. Olds4Dsedan1934

    Oldsmobile 4 door sedan 1934.
  2. Johnny Lightning White Lightning
    Looking to buy 1984 hurst olds WL and regular
  3. Johnny Lightning General Discussions
    Looking for WL 1984 hurst olds
  4. Johnny Lightning General Discussions
    Looking for 83 and 84 JLs. Really want a 1984 hurst olds WL
  5. Diecast Cars General Discussions
    OLDSMOBILE TORONADO that is : TOMICA OLDSMOBILE TORONADO XSR - actually the real car was a power T-Roof Prototype that never saw public distribution (three made) - There are 8 or so Caddi Eldorados with the same treatment. I searched Shows for years for this one found it in a little...
1-5 of 5 Results