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  1. The new guy

    Slot Car General Discussion
    New to the hobby, I had an old Tyco track as a kid which I recently pulled out of my parent's attic and found to still be in somewhat working order. I am looking for advice on getting it running again and any other info I might be able to find. I know that Tyco was bought out by Mattel and...
  2. Hello (awkwardly)

    New Member Section
    A second awkward hello non withstanding, my names Michael, and I'm just another dude, twilight finding my way back into the sunnier days of my youth, through plastic, glue and some paint! I have not built anything since about 86, maybe 87, either way its been 30 plus years, and I am more than...
  3. Thank you for having me

    Hot Wheels General Discussions
    I guess I'm the FNG here. My name is Ronnie Black, 47 and been collecting for over 40 years. Funny Cars are my weakness, but love some sets like Then and now and am looking for the first Culture set from Japan now. I have one set for sale and its the WalMart Exclusive set of Camaros and am...