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  1. Small Engine Repair General Discussion
    Hi, I would appriciate any help with my sickle mower repair. The clutch cable got torn, and to replace it I have to go behind this pulley that transfers power from the engine to the wheels and the sickle bar. Not a very good design appearantly, but no other way to reach this cable. It's the...
  2. Small Engine Repair General Discussion
    Hi. I just joined the forum. Very impressed with what I found here while googling fixes for this, but don't see this particular situation: Engine stopped after operating normally for about twenty minutes. There was no deteriorating performance until the moment it stopped. Does not fire on...
  3. Small Engine Repair 4-Cycle
    I have a 2yr old Sears mower with a key start. It worked pretty good for the first year, then I thought the battery died. I changed the battery, charged it up and still can't start it. Changed the plug, oil, gas, checked the plug wire and it won't start with either the key or the rope pull. Any...
  4. Small Engine Repair General Discussion
    Hi there! When you browse our catalog of over 100,000 walk behind mower parts, small engine parts and riding mower parts you will notice that we offer genuine OEM parts. What does that mean? OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer” and is your guarantee that the mower parts and small...
1-4 of 4 Results