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  1. Model Cars
    Top Gear UK Amphibious Vehicles Challenge from 8.3 and 10.2 James May chose a Triumph Herald to make a car into a boat, by using it's boxy shape he thought suitable for a runabout complete with Sails and Rudder. It had problems from the outset with low bridges and trees interfering with the mast...
  2. Diecast Cars General Discussions
    When my friend Kayla was told she had to create a documentary for her film class, she asked me if I would be her subject. I was flattered she thought of me. I thought it turned out pretty well. Check it out: - JJ www.hollywood-diecast.com
  3. Hobby & Collectibles Auctions Buy Sell Swap/Trade
    I hope I'm in the right thread for this since this is my first time. I am selling some of my laserdisc (not DVD) that I owned and most are in mint to near mint condition or still sealed so don't miss out on a good deal. Price does not include shipping. When ordering let me know your Zip code and...
1-3 of 3 Results