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  1. Diecast Motorcycle Collecting
    Always wanted white tires for it and finally got them. I think it helps with the 'teens/twenties look of the bike. What say you? Like'em? No like'em? Here's the old tires for comparison.
  2. Moebius Models
    At 1/25th scale, it was challenging enough, but I believe the Batpod has alignment problems. I took my time and applied glue with precision, but the front wheel is stuck in place and the rear suspension didn't come out square. The good news is, the rear wheel rolls freely. I hope the larger...
  3. Overview- Turn 3 and 4 with Pits

    a More Recent photo showing the layout changes.
  4. 1/24 Static model on Layout for Photo

    883 Sportster Class. Photo combined modified Hallmark(X-mas Ornament) 1/24 scale XL1200N, with McGrath Slotbike Rider, for effect of speed on the straightaway.
  5. Crash scene

    Motorcycle Racing AIN'T For Sissies !
  6. Early pic of my 1/24 scale Motorcycle Flattrack

    My Speedway represents(not to scale) a 1/4 mi Shorttrack used for Flattrack Motorcycle Racing. My layout started with a yr 2000 Mattel(Tyco) Jeremy McGrath X-Treme Motocross set, that I converted into a shorttrack oval and modded the Bikes into Flattrackers- No MX bikes.
1-6 of 6 Results