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  1. Motor Question

    Hi, I don’t know anything about motors, please excuse my ignorance. I need a motor for an art project. It needs to support a ~3-5lb 15” diameter circular object that I would like to spin 1 or 2 times per minute – I’m not picky about the exact speed, as long as it’s slow, but it would be extra...
  2. University design project-motor selection for e-bike pedal assist

    Brushless RC Motors & LiPo Batteries
    As the subject states I’m having a little bit of trouble choosing a Brushless Dc outrunner motor for a university engineering design project and was wondering if I could get some general advice/suggestions. A little background on the project, we are building a universal electric bike...
  3. small engine questions

    Small Engine Repair General Discussion
    hellow i have a 297cc briggs and stratton motor i dont know the hp it says 18hOhv on the side but its not a 18hp im trying to figure it out i have all the model # and the shaft is a solid 7/8" bore do i need a key way for a clutch ? please reply asap
  4. Motor Selection

    Brushless RC Motors & LiPo Batteries
    Hey guys, I'm currently making a variable speed manufacturing conveyor belt for my mechanical engineering senior design project. I am lacking in my electrical skills, but I figured out the theoretical requirements needed to run the system and was hoping someone could help out with figuring out...