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  1. Slot Car 1/32 Scale
    Hello everyone! Here is my latest review on the Lindberg 1/32nd 1940 Ford Convertible model kit. I hope you find it informative and helpful if you ever want to build it. Enjoy!
  2. Slot Car 1/32 Scale
    Hi everyone! I just finished another review starring Lindberg's 1/32nd scale 1925 Model T Street Rod. I hope you enjoy it! P.S. I forgot to mention in the video that the kit has a cut down 1932 Ford grill and that the brakes are the old finned Buick Drums!
  3. Slot Car 1/32 Scale
    Hi everyone! This is a video review I made of Lindberg's 1932 Chevrolet Pickup in 1/32nd scale. This is a Skill Level 2 Kit that requires paint and glue to make a good model. Recommended for ages 13+, but I think that an eager and apt 8 year old could build this kit with parental...
  4. Model Cars
    Hello everyone! After much searching in my basement for a model kit I hadn't started yet, I came across these two model car kits that I thought would be perfect for this build. The only thing is that they have to be combined to make a perfect 1932 Hearse. The first one is the Vampire Van...
  5. Community and Group Builds 2005 to 2017
    Build A Monster Contest 2012. - Extended Deadline see post 1! Well, here we go again! Get your fangs sharpend up, your models ready and your excitement flying! Monster Hobbies model contest will be bigger and better than ever! Enjoy the video! (25% new content!):wave: P.S. I'm extending the...
  6. Model Cars
    We had a lot of fun on the weekend playing with the Strombecker track at Monster Hobbies durring the River City Classics Show and Shine 2012. Have a look at the video : Trevor Ursulescu Monster Hobbies
  7. Model Cars
    Have you ever wondered what to do with those old model car projects that you don't want to throw away, but they are damaged through time, full of broken or missing pieces, or otherwise just plain garbage? Maybe these models were ones you built as a kid, obtained from a friend, or something...
  8. Military / Aircraft / Space Models
    Hi everyone! I just wanted to share some links to the videos that I am making for my hobby store, Monster Hobbies. At the store, we have been playing a war game called Rapid Fire that was developed by Colin Rumford and Richard Marsh in the 1980's. It is basically a set of rules that use...
  9. Military / Aircraft / Space Models
    Hi everyone! I just finished this plane last night! It's a Hasagawa Polikarpov I16 Type 18. This plane is in 1/72nd scale and I am using it in the Rapid Fire games that we play at my hobby store, Monster Hobbies. Although the paint scheme is not entirely historically accurate, (I combined...
  10. Military / Aircraft / Space Models
    Hi everyone! I made this exciting video last night with permission of Colin Rumford and Richard Marsh, the designers of Rapid Fire!. It gives you a run-down of the basic game and the nine steps needed to play a battle. I hope you enjoy it. It's EPIC! P.S. My models and figures are used in...
  11. Model Railroading
    Hello everyone! I have started a section on my web site to help people who are just starting on their first model train set by giving them some information and help in growing their train set from the kit supplied 36" circle of iron track into a larger layout with scenery, miles of track and...
1-11 of 11 Results