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  1. The Modeling Forum
    Hey all. I was wondering if anyone has a Revell skull in their model stash anywhere. I have been looking all around for one, and have only been able to find one eBay post. If anyone has one, I would be willing to buy it. PM me or post here if you have one that you would like to part with. Thanks.
  2. The Modeling Forum
    When I was a kid in the 70's, I was a huge Evel Knievel fan. He had the big personality and swagger like a pro wrestler, mixed with the fearlessness of an X-Game athlete. There was so much Evel-related merchandise put out back then and I always wished that someone would repop the old Addar kits...
  3. Science Fiction Modeling
    Hey guys! Now that I know how to prepare the windows for my light up Enterprise D model, I need a refresher in what official paints to use for this model, since its been 20 years since I last built one! Does anyone have any knowledge of the correct paints or where I can find them? Thanks!!
  4. The Modeling Forum
    Hello: We are a Florida Estate Service company, handling a north Florida Estate of a deceased model collector. We are posting here as we believe some in this forum may have an interest in this sale. The estate contains thousands of model kits, mostly car. And almost all in brand new condition...
  5. Model Dioramas
    Hi everyone, We were recently commissioned to create a really unique brand video for our client Yutaka Foods- Europe's largest Japanese food importer. I just wanted to let you know that we have now built the models and shot them all, edited and uploaded the video online. The 70 secs ad...
  6. Agricultural Diecast Collector General Discussions
    I am wanting to make a John Deere DB120 in 1/16 scale. This does exist in 1/64 and I would love to make one for my 1/16 collection. The scale of this thing is huge as it would be 7.5 feet wide when open. I do not know where to go for parts such as wheels and the other parts such as seed tanks...
  7. resin model

    1911 Marmon Wasp, Indy Winner, Ray Harroun This 1:18 resin model is very hot sale!!!
  8. PrinceNamor

  9. Science Fiction Modeling
    Hi Guys, I recently purchased a Bandai 1/500 scale model of the Space Battleship Yamato (model # 0186230), which is almost entirely in Japanese. While I can probably get by with just the pictures and diagrams, I'd still prefer to have a translated copy of the instructions, but I haven't been...
  10. Science Fiction Modeling
    I'm eager to see this model which has appeared in the Pegasus catalogue for years now. Maybe there was a preview at a show recently, but can anyone say if this kit is due out this year? :confused:
  11. The Modeling Forum
    Hi Gang, This episode on Monster Model Review, we have Skyhook Model's Zogg the Martian from infamous film the Three Stooges in Orbit. To leave comments, suggestions, or see our episode guide, check us out on the web or find us on Facebook, we also have a podcast that can be found on...
  12. Diecast Cars General Discussions
    Hey from Australia ! I love diecasts, but I'm kind of new in this field, so I need your advices : Is Diecast Warehouse a good site to buy some new diecast models ? It looks like it's a really new website, so it could either be the best website ever for diecast collectables, or a bad website...
  13. Dark Shadows Werewolf model

    I had this model way back in the early 70's so this is a remake. Easy to build. Glad to have it again.
  14. Tyrannosaurus To Scale Model

    I built this T-Rex to life size scale for a haunted house we run. He took 22 cans of Great Stuff foam to complete. His teeth are made of plastic jalapeno peppers. Details can be found on how he is made at my website: www.kingshaunting.com
  15. Atlantis Model Tyrannosaurus

    Very large and very neat model. Not all that easy to build. It took two of us holding it to glue the larger parts together. Still well worth it. A very cool model.
  16. Atlantis Models T-Rex For Christmas

    This very large model from Atlantis models was built around Christmas and we gave him some costume items. A very large model, but neat once built. It is actually molded in an orange color but I liked the red color contrast, so I spray painted him a gloss red, and when the teeth are inserted, it cre
1-19 of 29 Results