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  1. Slot Car Modeling & Customizing
    Adapting a 4-gear body to a slotless chassis is no small task. Unlike slotted cars, a guy has to account not only for getting the body to 'snap" onto the chassis (which means it has to be tight enough to hold it, but not so tight as it causes the magnets to bind with the armature), but a guy...
  2. 1/16 Model A Ford

    I want the rear end to look like it's floating behind the body by hideing the springs and links under the car.
  3. 1/16 1930 Model A

    Trying to get ideas for a 1/1 Model A. Lengthened the doors, chopped the top and flipped the frame. I used a 1957 Chevy 283ci. engine , axle and wheels. It's a long way from looking good but if I squint my eyes it looks pretty cool.
1-4 of 4 Results