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  1. We just launched the Official Minichamps Archive

    Here is the announcement blog.hobbydb.com/every-minichamps-ever-all-in-one-place/. Minichamps for a number of reasons did not have all the data, so we are looking for a few hundred images. Please check if you have one of the modes we miss the image of. Also, if you are interested in curating...
  2. Minichamps vs Spark 1:43 F1 Toro Rosso Max Verstappen

    Detailed comparison Minichamps vs Spark Models from the 1:43 F1 Toro Rosso STR10 2015: http://www.maxstatistics.com/minichamps-vs-spark-models-toro-rosso-str10-143-max-verstappen/
  3. Minichamps vs Spark 1:43 Toro Rosso Max Verstappen

    Model Cars
    Comparing Minichamps to Spark Models in detail: http://www.maxstatistics.com/minichamps-vs-spark-models-toro-rosso-str10-143-max-verstappen/
  4. Some items of my collection

    International Diecast General Discussions
    Hi, i'm new here, and i want to show you some items of my collection, and somne manually modified models by me, hope you will like it! All models are in 1:64 scale.