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  1. Can't remember name of mid- / late-90s playset....Hotwheels or not!

    Hot Wheels General Discussions
    So for the past 20 years or so, I have been trying to remember the name of this car playset I saw commercials for back in the late 90s. I'm not even sure if it's a Hot Wheels playset or not, but I do know it existed, since I remember a neighbor having one when I was about 4. I can try and...
  2. Help on pricing and selling

    Diecast Car Auctions, Buy, Sell, Swap/Trade Items
    I am new to Hobby Talk, HI everyone. I inherited a collection. I have no clue what any of this stuff is worth. I wish to sell it as a lot if possible, or by the piece. If anyone has any input I would be grateful. I would be really grateful for a buyer, but any help would be appreciated. 107...
  3. Matchbox 1957 GMC to TCR

    Slot Car Modeling/Customizing
    The 1954 Studebaker 3R pickup, which I cast in resin, is slowly progressing and is in the final stage for a clear coat followed by the addition of windows. I needed another '50s-era pickup to race against it and found a 1957 GMC made by Matchbox two days ago at Toys R Us. I was planning on...
  4. Need a current price guide

    Johnny Lightning General Discussions
    Hello everyone, I have a small collection of Johnny Lightning/Hot Wheels/Matchbox 1:64 scale die cast vehicles that I have accumulated over the past 15 years or so, but I have decided to sell most of them. Does anyone know where I can find a good, current online price guide? I have done quite...
  5. Vintage Hot Wheels Tracks and Hotline Train Track Set On eBay

    Diecast Car Auctions, Buy, Sell, Swap/Trade Items
    I've put a few listings on ebay. Check them out if you are interested in a variety of vintage HW products. More to come in the near future. Click the name to go directly to the listing. Hot Wheels Hot Turns set of 6 Turns Hot Wheels Lot of 35+ Feet of Orange Track. 12 24 inch long sections...
  6. *August 2, 2014 * NORTH DALLAS TOY SHOW

    Diecast Car Clubs, Shows and Events
    The North Dallas Toy & Diecast Show - August 2nd, 2014! LOCATION: Valley View Center Mall ADDRESS: 13331 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX (Inside: Dallas Party Rentals Store) WHEN: Saturday, August 2, 9am - 3pm WHAT: Hot Wheels (new and vintage), Matchbox cars, diecast, action figures, comic books...

    Diecast Car Clubs, Shows and Events
    The North Dallas Toy & Hot Wheels Show - June 7th, 2014! LOCATION: Valley View Center Mall :hat: ADDRESS: 13331 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX (Inside: Dallas Party Rentals Store) WHEN: Saturday, June 7th, 9am - 3pm WHAT: Hot Wheels (new and vintage), Matchbox cars, diecast, action figures, comic...
  8. Selling off my collection (1500+ Cars!)

    Diecast Car Auctions, Buy, Sell, Swap/Trade Items
    Guys: I'm selling off my entire collection of die cast vehicles. I got in to collecting several years ago, but took the mile wide/foot deep approach (no real direction). I'm changing now to a make/model focus, so all of the other cars are going up for sale. All of the auctions will start at...
  9. Live stream of the matchbox gathering of friends - a proposal

    Matchbox The Gathering of Friends
    We are looking to take The Matchbox Collectors Gathering to the next level. We know that in this economic climate, times can be tough - and for many, it is simply not feasible to get over to ABQ, NM for this wonderful event for the collector - time, money and effort play a factor. So we are...
  10. Hot Wheels And Miasto Die Casts

    Hot Wheels General Discussions
    Good afternoon all, Recently came in to a collection of about 50+ Miasto die cast planes and hllicopters and a bag full of hot-wheels and matchbox. All of the planes and helicopters we certainly an adults collection and are in perfect condition. The cars were certainly used as toys and show...
  11. Custom 8:1 Morris Minor Matchbox Car rebuild

    Diecast Car Customs
    This Project is part of my Final major at the Arts University Bournemouth Studying Modelmaking, I chose to produce a classic toy and increase its scale my 8:1 this model could be used for advertising in film or T.V or simply be for a window display. The actual purpose is to produce a classic...
  12. Lincoln Contential #31

    Matchbox General Discussions
    *Continental This seems to be a hard color to get to photograph correctly?
  13. A few of my Finds this past Month

    Diecast Car Collecting General Discussions
    Hey all I added close to a hundred more models to my collection this past month so I'm not going to post them all just a few that I really like. Lets start with some better pictures of Code 3 that I posted earlier this week.
  14. Matchbox pre-production molds prototypes etc

    Matchbox General Discussions
    Is there any interest in this type of stuff? I have access to many of the patterns and molds from the original mold maker for Matchbox for several years after Mattel took them over. I may be able to get some original artwork and also some work orders to match certain models. Just wondering what...
  15. More themes for the 1-120 range for 2012

    Matchbox General Discussions
    More themes have been discovered for the 2012 1-120 range: 1. ISLAND Series (Quarry King, toyota 4runner, VW saveiro, dodge viper GTS-R, jeep hurricane, sahara survivor, BMW Z4, hovercraft, MBX 4x4, hummer H2) 2. CONSTRUCTION Series ( International CXT, scraper, ground breaker, dirt hauler...
  16. Offiicial 1-120 listing for 2012 (known to date)

    Matchbox General Discussions
    thought it would be good to have this post to satisfy the need for those who would like to know the 1-120 listing for 2012. I am sure that some may agree it is taking a little longer than anticipated for the proper list to be released. If you have a segment model that reflects MB numbers that...
  17. Matchbox Pinion Gears ?

    Slot Car General Discussion
    I'm still looking for Matchbox Pinion Gears. And now that I'm getting desperate(I have six old (6 volt) MB chassis ALL with Cracked Pinions), I'd consider using any brand pinion gear in any ratio(OEM is 8 tooth) that will work and mesh properly with the OEM Matchbox Crown gear. Soooo....if...
  18. Sahara Survivors

    Diecast Car Customs
    Hello, HobbyTalk! My name is Aiden, and I really like the 'Sahara Survivor' casting by Matchbox - but what's its biggest problem? In my opinion, tt looks like it hasn't been anywhere near anything involving either the Sahara, or surviving! Especially in that so-shiny unpainted model that came...
  19. Matchbox Model A Ford Delivery

    Matchbox Model A Ford Delivery