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  1. Oil shooting out filler neck - Briggs 6.75hp

    Small Engine Repair 4-Cycle
    Hey folks, I have a Toro mower with a Briggs 6.75 hp. Just finished spring maintenance including new filter, oil, spark plug, cleaned carb, and new blade to boot. After about 30 minutes of mowing, the cap popped off the oil filler tube and out shot the oil all over the place. I am stumped, the...
  2. Oi leak MTD 990 brush cutter, through air filter

    Small Engine Repair 4-Cycle
    Hello, I purchased a MTD 990 brush cutter, 4 strokes, serial 41AD990C678 images.agroterra. co.uk/1823_I_aki41.jpg. I noticed that even without using it, the brush cutter will leak oil through a black tube that connects the motor body to the plastic air filter holder, picture here...